Apparently perfumed alcohol sprays are a thing… After trying out several alcohol-based hand sanitizers, I have found that some have a very pleasant smell, not too different from a perfume. Some are so-and-so. Others are just… unbearable. In this note I list my findings.

# Pleasant-smelling ones

# Bellez’a Paris Alcohol Spray 76.4% v/v

a bottle of ethyl alcohol

Spotted at the Perfect Stranger cafe. It comes with 3 variants: New York, Paris and London. After trying out the demos, I like the Paris one the most and bought it.

THB 85 / 30 ㎤ (0.35 ㎤/฿)

# After You Touch Me Shibuya Honey Toast 75% Alcohol Hand Moisturizing Sanitizer

a credit-card-shaped hand sanitizer spray

Who would have thought it, an alcohol spray that smells like honey toast. Spotted at After You. Some people might not like the smell, but I think it is fine (in a weird way).

THB 65 / 20 ㎤ (0.30 ㎤/฿)

# Not a spray but still pleasant-smelling

# Siribuncha Original Ethyl Alcohol 70% v/v

a bottle of ethyl alcohol on a desk

This one is not a spray, but you can refill your spray container with this. It gives that kind of smell that I have associated with cleanliness… you know, the unique kind of smell you only find in hospitals and stuff. Yes, that kind of thing.

Available in most drug stores.

THB 45 / 450 ㎤ (10 ㎤/฿)

# So-so ones

# KNAS KTIS Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray Ethyl Alcohol 75% v/v

This alcohol spray does not have an unpleasant smell, but did not come with any pleasant smell.

Available in larger 7-ELEVEN stores.

THB 79 / 1,000 ㎤ (12.6 ㎤/฿)

# Unpleasant-smelling ones

I have found some but haven’t taken note of the brand...