Why can’t we use the very app that we use for everyday coding to also do note-taking and personal knowledge management? Why must we use separate apps like Notion(opens new window), Obsidian(opens new window), Roam Research(opens new window), Bear(opens new window), etc etc to organize thoughts? Well, we can if we use Emacs as our main editor — there’s org-mode(opens new window), org-agenda(opens new window) and org-roam(opens new window) (search YouTube for many cool demos). But I’m not an Emacs user, and I prefer VS Code. If such a vibrant ecosystem exists for Emacs, then surely someone must have done it for VS Code right? Well, yes, that seems to be the case.

Update: Now I'm also experimenting with using VS Code as a note-taking platform using my own tooling.

There are some complete frameworks for taking notes in VS Code:

Dendron demonstration taking from Dendron’s website(opens new window)

And some extensions that you can mix and match to create your own personalized note taking environment:


Other interesting links:

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