# Music I use to concentrate

When I need to squeeze out some productivity[1], these music channels are very effective at helping me concentrate on working.

GroundbreakinG DJMIX(opens new window)

30-50 minutes of nonstop rhythm game music. They release 10–12 mixsets each year. Rhythm game music is known for its complex energetic beats and rhythm, covering a very wide range of genres. Great for when I want to listen to a variety of musical styles smoothly mixed together.

Uplifting Only by Ori Uplift(opens new window)

2 hours of nonstop uplifting trance music. Very steady beat (around 138~140 bpm throughout) with dramatic harmony (a mix or orchestral music and trance). Mixed by the CEO of a recording label that produces orchestral uplifting trance tracks. New episodes every week, mostly all instrumental. One episode per month will focus on vocal trance.

  1. I am not a productivity junkie… When I use productivity methods like the pomodoro technique, it works really well, but also leaves me exhausted and depleted my willpower(opens new window).

    So, too much productivity is not good for my well-being, so I strive to be more efficient instead, so that I can chill more and operate from the “do only what you feel like doing” mode most of the time. While in that mode, I don’t need anything to help me concentrate at all; willpower is unnecessary.

    But sometimes, things just have to be done. My room has to be cleaned up. Dishes need to be washed. The proposal has to be written. Even if I don’t feel like doing it. This is when some music really helps. ↩︎